• Don Marti

    Don Marti

    Don Marti works on open innovation at Mozilla. He used to be editor of Linux Journal, and also contributes to the Aloodo project.

  • Thomas Balthazar

    Thomas Balthazar

    Back off man, I'm a scientist (software developer working on @kickoffapp)

  • FiveForBoarding


    The latest hockey news and updates around the NHL. This Twitter is a supplement to my hockey blog!

  • Julius Francisco

    Julius Francisco

    Husband and API geek... Former Chief Architect @validic

  • Andrey Hihlovskiy

    Andrey Hihlovskiy

    Jedi Master of java, groovy, gradle, javascript, jQuery etc

  • Ryan Shaw

    Ryan Shaw

    AIM: ryanissilent

  • Serrano


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